Strategic Project 'Social Policy for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Economic Growth'


Lilia Ovcharova
Academic Supervisor, Vice Rector, Director of the Institute for Social Policy

Svetlana Biryukova
Coordinator, Institute for Social Policy

The project's objectives include:

  • Ensuring HSE University’s national leadership and global competitiveness in the development of scientifically based social policy, implemented with the aim of maintaining social stability and fostering conditions for inclusive economic growth.
  • Developing methodology and validating transition from internal and reactive social policy to evidence-based policy; this will enhance the stability of the Russian state, ensure balanced development of the national economy, and maintain socio-political stability.

Key priorities

Developing new policy instruments, ensuring sustainable social development and enhancing inclusive economic growth

Creating a national school for monitoring and forecasting job market trends

Launching a digital bank, equipped with practical and methodological instruments to promote evidence-based social policy

Building an ecosystem for empirical analysis of individual life preferences