Strategic Project
'Success and Self-Sustainability of the Individual in a Changing World'


Evgeniy Terentev
Academic Supervisor, Director of the Institute of Education

Yulia Koreshnikova
Coordinator, Institute of Education

Goal of the project:

Assessing the effectiveness of existing human enhancement tools and developing new approaches, which can ensure human autonomy in areas of cognitive development, physical and mental health, social well-being and career success in a changing environment.

Key Priorities

Identifying philosophical and ethical problems, as well as the socio-economic, cultural and emotional aspects of human enhancement

Developing a theoretical model for individual creative social action under conditions of destructuring, along with practical tools for human development


Elaborating theoretical models and empirically verified technologies for developing the capabilities of the psyche and cognitive abilities to achieve success in life

Ensuring opportunities for managing and improving individuals’ physical well-being through continuous monitoring of the physiological parameters

Developing educational technologies and mechanisms for the formation of skills and attitudes, thereby ensuring individual academic and professional success

Developing a system of measurements and tools with the aim of supporting individual success and enhancing social solidarity by strengthening and cultivating constructive grassroots social ties