Strategic Project 'National Centre of Science, Technology and Socio-Economic Foresight'


Leonid Gokhberg
Academic Supervisor, First Vice Rector, Director of the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge

Mikhail Y. Goland
Coordinator, Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge

The project's goals include:

  • Forming an advanced foresight school at HSE University

  • Developing advanced methodology in S&T and socio-economic foresight; creating data infrastructure and interdisciplinary tools for ‘new’ foresight

  • Developing a series of long-term foresight studies to provide a comprehensive vision of the future

  • Promoting culture and practices of foresight research in Russia and abroad, involving students and postgraduates in such activities

  • Creating national and global networks of foresight centres under the leadership of HSE University

The implementation of this project shall contribute to the national target initiatives: ‘Protecting the Population, Health and Wellbeing of People’, ‘Opportunities for Self-Realisation and Development of Talents’ and ‘A Comfortable and Safe Environment for Life’.

Key priorities

Producing development scenarios for the Russian economy under conditions of geopolitical turbulence

Forecasting S&T development

Foresight on climate change and its consequences

Foresight on various economic sectors, including fuel & energy, agriculture, transport and logistics

Gauging business uncertainty and analysing its impact on economic trends

Foresight on social processes

Forecasting a vision for the future of Russia