Strategic Project 'Digital Transformation: Technologies, Effects, and Performance'


Igor Agamirzian
Academic Supervisor, Vice President, Faculty of Computer Science

Pavel Borisovich Rudnik
Coordinator, Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge

Goal of the project:

Developing a world-class interdisciplinary research centre, engaged in the full-cycle development and application of advanced machine-learning technologies, AI and cyber-physical systems, as well as analysis of the effects, risks and effectiveness of digital transformation.

Key priorities

Developing digital technologies

  • 6G networks
  • Cryptography algorithms
  • Machine learning models
  • Intelligent diagnostics
  • Digital twins, platforms and training simulators
  • Electronic assistant for identifying agency conflicts
  • Digital learning resources and instruments

Assessing the effects, risks, and dynamics of digital transformation

  • Monitoring the popularisation of digital technologies
  • Interactive dashboards for monitoring the digital transformation of the economy
  • Analysing corporate IT profiles
  • Regulations and barriers
  • Interactive dashboards

Commercialisation projects

  • Enhancement of existing software packages
  • Automated demonstration system for practical exams
  • Instruments for assessing students’ digital skills

Educational projects

  • ‘Digital Department Online’ - a unified package of solutions for universities
  • Continuous education programmes
  • DevSecOps Summer School